How to Clean a Marble Fireplace Without Damaging it

Marble fireplaces are a stylish addition to any home. Besides providing a classic aesthetic, these can make a dull space look livelier. However, the material can be tricky to clean without sustaining damage.


There are some tips that can prevent that:

Most marble fireplaces are light in color. Cleaning with common cleaning agents such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide is a good idea but only in moderation. The chemicals can make the material lose its color if it is not wiped clean thoroughly. Darker stone can be cleaned up with lacquer thinner and even acetone.

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Fire Damage Restoration Should be Performed by Certified Specialists

Fire spreads fast and it causes major damage to homes and businesses. There are many different methods used to restore a building that has had fire damage. The safest way to get the proper information about restoring your home or building after a fire is to call in a professional fire damage restoration specialist.

Certified professionals have the extensive training and experience to give you the correct scoop on the damage. They can also help with getting the repairs done faster whether it is a home or a large business. Most states will require the restoration company to have demolition classification and an asbestos certification, before they start any water and fire restoration work on your home or business.

Water can cause a lot of damage. Whether the water came in due to a storm, flooding or from firemen putting out a fire, water creates many problems. Water can rot … Read More