Bathroom Remodeling Tips That Make Home Elegant and Modern

The bathroom may appear separated from the living room and other more conspicuous parts of our home, yet it remains one of the most important segments of the house.

We all want it to reflect our taste and sometimes personality. This is why a lot usually goes into planning this special portion of the home.

If you have been thinking of how to upgrade your old-fashioned bathroom to a more elegant and modern bathroom, you are on time and in the right place to learn some tips that may help you.

Plan it All from Start

Just like everything else, planning is paramount while preparing to remodel your bathroom. Identify things you will like to see upgraded such as the tiles, shower panels, and showerheads.

After identifying the things you will like to be changed, the next thing is to consider your pocket. How much can you spare for this upgrade? Your total cost will be determined by the elegance and functionality of the things you want to be remodeled.

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Avoid Moving Plumbing as Much as Possible

Design is indeed a result of the arrangement. You may be tempted by a bathroom renovation design that will need you to change the location of some things in your bathroom. It may look easy and less expensive to move your sink and toilet around ― always remember the cost of plumbing service. Spending less on things like this significantly reduce your overall cost and thus allows purchasing that elegant shower panel you desire for instance.

Separate DIY from nDIY

To save cost, we tend to always go the way of “Do It Yourself (DIY)”. To really achieve what you want, you need to realize there are some things to “never Do It Yourself (nDIY)” ― that is a new term we invented thou.

Hiring a professional to handle these things will save you the cost of getting one to fix any damage caused in the bid of having it done yourself.

You also have to be careful while hiring a contractor for the project. A dubious and/or charlatan contractor can exponentially increase your budget especially if you end up fixing one damage after another caused by the contractor. Ask friends or trusted co-workers for recommendations.

Be Consistent with Finishes

Decide on a specific material to use for your bathroom for a maximal elegant look. For instance, if you decide on stainless steel, ensure the faucet handles, showerheads, and drawer pulls are all made of stainless steel. You will be surprised at the result of this conformity.

Other finish you may choose from include aged bronze, aluminum, glass, brass, pewter, or crystal. You may also want to go a step further by choosing finishes in your desired shapes like flowers, seashells, butterflies or hearts.

Bathroom Sinks Arrangement

Sinks, as stated at the beginning of this article, are one of the most important features of making your bathroom elegant and modern. You may consider using sinks. Place them next to one another on a long countertop arranged on top of a modern cabinet.

You may also place it close to the window where it light from outside can shine on it ― take advantage of the natural light.

Recently, interior designers are now mounting sinks on the bathroom counter. Think of the one that suits you most, both for accessible and conforming to your bathroom size.

Add Some Furniture

Do you really want a classy bathroom? Include a piece of furniture in your remodeling. A tall armoire is recommended for storing towels and other things in your bathroom.

Including a bench or chair gives some feeling of being in the spa. Relax and chat with friends in this section of your bathroom depending on the size.

Women especially will prefer a table to store their make-ups and other beauty accessories ― and a mirror too.

Lighting is Important But Should be Done Right

Lighting is another important feature of the bathroom. Avoid the use of yellow fan heater overhead light ― it looks old fashioned. The light ray should be focused on work areas. Soft light for your soaking bath area is preferable. Connect a wall dimmer to the lighting.

Add some lightning feature to the mirror too. Use elegant wall sconces for both sides of the mirror, glowing chandelier for overhead and/or a table lamp on the dressing table.

You may want to consult the service of an electrician or lighting designer here. Except if you are confident of handling electrical connections yourself.

Include A Storage

You will want things you need not too far away from reach. Create a space in the wall to store necessities like shampoo, soap, razor, and body wash. The ladies can still do with the dressing table provided there is enough space in the bathroom for such.

Cheap plastic units hanging from the showerhead looks unattractive.

Tiles Can be Retained

The tiles in the bathroom can be left untouched except you desperately wants to change it and your budget can afford it.

Mosaic or glass tile looks fantastic but expensive. You may include a few of them in your whole tile design in case you are considering changing your tiles.

Below are some picture ideas of bathroom remodeling you may want to try;

Classic Bathroom Shower


Bathroom Visualisation